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State planning regulatory provision (adopted charges) 2012

A local government can levy infrastructure charges to cover some of the costs of providing trunk infrastructure for development. The State Planning Regulatory Provision (adopted charges) 2012 (PDF icon 116 KB) (SPRP) imposes a maximum amount that a local government can levy on development, for each adopted charge category.

In accordance with the provisions of the Sustainable Planning Act 2009 sections 629(2) and 629(3), the Minister has decided to increase the amount of the maximum charges in the SPRP in 2016. The Adopted Infrastructure Charges Schedule 2016 (PDF icon 392 KB) includes the maximum charges that will now apply. Except for the amount of the charges, the State Planning Regulatory Provision (adopted charges) 2012 continues to apply unchanged.

Infrastructure charges resolutions

Local governments may, by resolution, adopt charges for providing trunk infrastructure for development. They can also levy different infrastructure charge amounts for local government areas and provide for the indexation of a levied charge. To do this, a local government needs to pass an adopted charges resolution as set out in Section 631 of the Sustainable Planning Act 2009. An infrastructure charge can be set equal to or below the maximum adopted charge in the State planning regulatory provision (adopted charges) 2016.

For more information about your council area's adopted infrastructure charge resolution, contact your local government office.

A template has been developed to support local governments in preparing their adopted infrastructure charges resolution.

Document nameType and size
Adopted infrastructure charges resolution template Word icon 151 KB

PPI Index

A spread sheet has been developed to assist local governments and applicants in calculating the automatic increases in levied charges from when they are levied to when they are paid. The producer price index for construction 6427.0 index number 3101 - Road and Bridge construction index for Queensland has been used to develop the template.

Document nameType and size
PPI index calculation spread sheet Excel icon 84 KB

Fact sheets

Fact sheets are available to provide advice about specific elements of the infrastructure planning and charging framework.

Document nameType and size
Indexing maximum infrastructure charges – frequently asked questions PDF icon 76 KB
Conversion applications - non-trunk to trunk infrastructure fact sheet PDF icon 123 KB
Calculating additional demand and existing use credits fact sheet PDF icon 209 KB
Offsets and Refunds - Determining the cost of infrastructure fact sheet PDF icon 124 KB
Infrastructure charges resolutions fact sheet PDF icon 289 KB
Transitional provisions fact sheet PDF icon 276 KB
Infrastructure conditioning and cross crediting fact sheet PDF icon 207 KB
Trunk infrastructure considerations: development applications and approvals PDF icon 365 KB
Priority infrastructure area: role, determination and application PDF icon 464 KB
Infrastructure agreement principles PDF icon 277 KB