The Queensland Multicultural Policy ‘Our story, our future’ commits that no matter how people came here or where they came from, the Queensland Government will support all of the people of Queensland to participate and feel like they belong.

The 2019–21 Asylum Seeker and Refugee Assistance (ASRA) program has been established as a limited-term grant to support the needs of people seeking asylum and vulnerable refugees on temporary visas in Queensland.

Program details

The 2019–21 ASRA program will provide funding for a 24 month project to deliver financial and material aid, case management and coordination support to vulnerable people in defined target client groups (see the Program Guidelines for details).

Funding for the 2019–21 ASRA program is $3.5 million (excluding GST) over two years.

The ASRA program seeks to:

Key dates

Successful recipient

Communify Queensland is the recipient of funding from the Asylum Seeker and Refugee Assistance program.

Funds will provide individual support for some of the most vulnerable people within our community who face extraordinary life challenges. This includes medical transferees and refugees who have been granted a Safe Haven Enterprise Visa or Temporary Protection Visa.

Communify Queensland has a proven track record in delivering this kind of support through established partnerships and will have the support of like-minded agencies and organisations.

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