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The Department of Local Government, Racing and Multicultural Affairs is a contemporary organisation enabling sustainable, vibrant inclusive and confident local communities.

We are committed to:

  • Accountable, well-managed, community-focused local governments
  • A sustainable racing industry in Queensland
  • Policies, programs and services responsive to Queensland’s cultural diversity
  • Efficient and effective funding programs promoting vibrant communities
  • An agile, capable, collaborative and inclusive workforce.

Warwick Agnew

Warwick AgnewWarwick Agnew was appointed as Director-General of the Department in May 2018 following an extensive career and experience in both private and public sectors.

Prior to joining the Department, Warwick was a senior executive in a Queensland Government central agency and has direct experience in social and economic policy issues facing all areas of Queensland.

Throughout his career Warwick has lead social and economic infrastructure projects, economic analysis and policy, legislative reform, financial and commercial procurement and corporate finance advisory services.

Most recently Warwick held the position of Deputy Under Treasurer in Queensland Treasury, responsible for commercial, fiscal and economic advice on the state’s economic portfolios and leading Treasury’s role in investment policy and attraction programs to stimulate private sector investment in Queensland.

Warwick’s private sector experience includes commercial project development and senior advisory roles for global companies servicing resources, energy, industrial, infrastructure, property and defence sectors. He has also served on key government boards including Queensland Treasury Corporation Capital Markets Board, the Long-Term Asset Allocation Board and the Queensland Rural and Industry Development Authority.

Natalie Wilde
Deputy Director-General, Local Government Division

Natalie WildeNatalie Wilde has over 18 years’ experience in the public service at both State and Local Government levels. During this time, Natalie has specialised in leading policy and legislation reform in the areas of planning, building, infrastructure and property.

Over the past five years Natalie has held General Manager positions in Property Queensland and in Infrastructure Policy and Planning in the Department of State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning. In her previous position, Natalie’s key responsibilities included the annual update of the State Infrastructure Plan, monthly reporting on the whole of government capital program and the development and implementation of the Maturing Infrastructure Pipeline Program. Natalie has qualifications in health science and business and has completed the Australian Institute of Company Directors Course.

Chantal Llora
Acting Deputy Director-General, Strategy, Governance and Engagement

Chantal LloraChantal Llora began at DLGRMA in February 2019. Chantal has over 15 years’ experience across communication, engagement and policy at both State and Commonwealth Government levels.

Prior to working as a senior leader in the Queensland Government, Chantal led the internal operations planning for Australia’s hosting of the G20, and the communication and stakeholder engagement for the Gonski Schools Funding Review in the Commonwealth Government.

Chantal spent several years as an officer in the Australian Defence Force providing strategic communications advice and public relations support across the Australian Army, which included deployments to Afghanistan, Iraq, Solomon Islands and several humanitarian disasters overseas.

Chantal is passionate about driving a high-performance culture, investing in staff and delivering outcomes and innovation through high levels of engagement and collaboration. She has a degree in Communication.